Quiero ser un torero dungeonero

Con mucho respeto por el lugar de donde proviene este texto (diria que el mismo Gigax escribia aqui) os dejo el siguiente articulo. Si bien para un americano medio tiene que ser exotico y jugable, para nosotros es cuanto menos ridiculo.

Dejando aparte la hilaridad, os aconsejaria visitar la pagina de donde lo saque. Si sois dungeoneros viejos (como yo) os vais a sentir en vuestra salsa: Material de AD&D hecho este año, en serio.

Eso si, el articulo esta en ingles... se podria haber traducido (mas quisiera, no se tanto ingles como para eso) pero si se traduce pierde casi toda su gracia. :)

Fuente original: http://www.dragonsfoot.org/

Matador (kit de personaje)

The Matador is the bullfighter of the southern lands, part showman and part fearless warrior. Though Matadors are primarily entertainers, they are also skilled technicians and redoubtable artists. The Matador might be considered much like a gladiator, although he depends less upon brute force and more upon sheer agility. A successful Matador can achieve great fame and wealth. In social circles a popular Matador stands on equal footing with clergymen and lesser nobles. Many of them are also renowned for their skills at dance, as well as for their unparalleled abandon. Both males and females may be Matadors.

Role: In the exotic homeland of the Matador, the bullfight is known as la fiesta brava ("the brave festival") or la corrida de toros ("the running of the bulls"). The corrida, as it is popularly known, takes place before crowds of enthusiasts, often numbering many thousands. Traditionally, the bullfight is a combination of ritual and mortal combat, with an attempt to maneuver a bull gracefully and kill it in a manner both courageous and aesthetically satisfying.

Six bulls, to be killed by three Matadors, are usually required for one afternoon's corrida, and each encounter lasts about fifteen minutes. At the appointed time, the three Matadors, each followed by their assistants, the banderilleros and the picadors, march into the ring to the accompaniment of traditional paso doble ("march rhythm") music. The Matadors wear a distinctive costume, consisting of a silk jacket heavily embroidered in gold, skintight pants, and a montera (a bicorne hat). A traje de luces ("suit of lights"), as it is known, can cost several thousand pieces of gold; a high-ranking Matador must have at least six of them a season.

The basic muleta passes are the trincherazo, generally done with one knee on the ground and at the beginning of the faena; the pase de la firma, simply moving the cloth in front of the bull's nose while the fighter remains motionless; the manoletina, a pass invented by the great Matador Manuel Laureano Rodríguez, where the muleta is held behind the body; and the natural, a pass in which danger to the Matador is increased by taking the sword out of the muleta, thereby reducing the target size and tempting the bull to charge to larger object--the bullfighter.

After several minutes spent in making these passes, wherein the Matador tries to stimulate the excitement of the crowd by working closer and closer to the horns, the fighter takes the sword and lines up the bull for the kill. The blade must go between the shoulder blades; because the space between them is very small, it is imperative that the front feet of the bull be together as the Matador hurtles over the horns. The kill, properly done by aiming straight over the bull's horns and plunging the sword between its withers into the aorta region, requires discipline, training, and raw courage; for this reason it is known as the "moment of truth." Bullfighters generally expect to receive at least one goring a season.

Matadors who join adventuring parties usually do so to spread their fame, or to refine their fighting skills for later use in the arena.

Weapon Proficiencies: The Matador must become proficient in a special rapier called the estoque. By 3rd level he must also spend one weapon proficiency on the bullfighting cape. This permits the cape to be used to gain a +1 bonus to the Matador's AC.

Bonus Proficiencies: Tumbling, and one of the following (player's choice): Acting, Etiquette, Crowd Working,* or Dancing. Depending on the resources you have available, you may also add to this list Arena Acting (The Complete Gladiator's Handbook) and Display Weapon Prowess (Al-Qadim Arabian Adventures).

* See the Complete Bard's Handbook.

Special Benefits:
The Matador receives a +4 or +20% to any check involved with bullfighting.

The Matadors benefit from love of the people. All bullfighters, regardless of their success, are adored and honored by the folk, both commoners and noblemen alike. They can request boarding and food from almost anyone of any social class, so long as the Matador is either in his hometown or in a town where his fame has preceded him. Matadors of high esteem are frequently the distinguished guests of nobility. Their way in life is often paved for them, and their nights are full of secret trysts, clandestine arrangements, political conspiracies, and adventuresome liaisons. Matadors are romantic figures, and as such lead a singularly intriguing life.

Special Hindrances: Matadors usually spend at least four days a week in practice. Only during performances do they don their finery and hear the roar of the crowd; the rest of the time they're working with their assistants to the point of exhaustion. PC Matadors, being active individuals honing their talents in the field, can often get away with only two days of practice each week, but if this practice time is ignored, the Matador loses all bonuses to his bullfighting ability until he practices for a solid, uninterrupted week.

The Matador might be called upon any time by a member of the nobility, for any variety of reasons. It is unwise to turn a deaf ear to a nobleman. Matadors must strive to always stay on the good side of the noble families, as their livelihood depends upon the good graces of such patrons.

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  1. jajjaja, no me extraña para nada.

    Pero debe decir 2 cosas respecto a esto:

    Casi la mayoría de las personas en el mundo funcionamos por estereotipos y en el rol esto es muy claro, te aseguro que muchas de las cosas que se escriben sobre samurais haría llorar a un Nipon, asi como cuando muchos escriben sobre pueblos latinoamericanos creen que todos somos mexicanos o que vivimos en rucas con monos en los arboles.

    No sería tan rudo con los que escribieron esto, solo da un poco de risa, pero es tristemente comprensible, hace falta informarse un poco más.

    Ahora claro me da risa pensar que al lado de un aguerrido soldado, un poderoso hechizero y un elfo arquero viaje "un matador" el cual es un letal guerrero especialista en matar "toros", jajaja ¿y el resto de los monstruos?.. pobre matador.

  2. Me estoy imaginando la situacion:

    The Matador va por el dungeon con su suit of lights +3 y su montera of percepcion +1 y al doblar una esquina se encuentra con un Minotauro.

    Ni corto ni perezoso se pone delante del bicho para proteger a sus compañeros "torritooou ehh torriitooou". El pobre mino no tiene nada que hacer frente a un Matador de nivel 7 y un par de veronica's passes :P

  3. "Many of them are also renowned for their skills at dance"

    La droga no es vida. XD

    En fin, cosas propias de los USA. No cambiarán nunca, y tampoco quiero que lo hagan. Me perdería cosas como esta. XD

    Les reconozco una cosa, a pesar de esto. Tienen páginas de rol mucho más trabajadas que por tierras hispanas, a pesar de estas cosas. O talvez precisamente gracias a ellas, a saber.

    Dentro de sus manías, han sido capaces de ponerse de acuerdo para trabajar en equipo mucho más a menudo de lo que lo hacemos por aquí.

    Bueno, lo dejo aquí que ya empiezo a desvariar.

    Un saludo.

  4. Yo lo que quiero saber es si mi master me dejará llevar un matador cuando juguemos a GURPS Grecia.

    Otra cosa que me pregunto:

    Si el matador se enfrenta a un guerrero/mago/lo que sea cuya mujer es de cascos ligeros ¿tiene derecho a usar su bono contra el cornudo?

    Por cierto Britait gran blog, felicidades.